About Us

Write of Passage Journals: Recording Life’s Most Poignant Moments

Life is a tapestry of transitions, milestones, and defining moments. Each individual navigates chapters that mold them, challenge them, or provide solace. At the core of these chapters are stories, wisdom, and connections that offer guidance, understanding, and healing. This essence is captured and celebrated in our Write of Passage Journals.

Our Founding Inspiration

Our founder's journey of celebrating his son's 16th birthday and momentous rite of passage sowed the seed for an innovative keepsake. He envisioned a journal that would gather wisdom from the crucial figures in his son’s life. When orchestrating a traditional gathering seemed challenging, the concept of the Write of Passage Journal took root. This journal, brimming with tales, wisdom, and affection, not only marked the transition from boyhood to adulthood but also spanned distances, binding family and friends in unity.

Seeing the deep resonance this journal had, it became clear: Life's landscape is dotted with pivotal moments, each meriting recognition, introspection, and shared insight. From this realization, the Write of Passage Journals family grew, enveloping diverse life transitions.

Our Journals, Your Stories

  1. Coming of Age: Young Man: Capturing the journey from boyhood to manhood, this journal enshrines the guidance and wisdom of role models.

  2. Coming of Age: Young Woman: Commemorating the transition from girlhood to womanhood, cherishing the voices of influential figures in her life.

  3. Love & Loss Journal: A beacon of understanding and support for those traversing the intricate emotions of a breakup, divorce, or separation.

  4. New Baby Journal: A celebration of the unparalleled joy of welcoming new life, bestowing parents a canvas to articulate their experiences, aspirations, and dreams.

  5. Grief & Goodbye Journal: A sanctuary of solace for those wrestling with the loss of a dear one, assuring they are enveloped in care and understanding.

Why Choose Write of Passage Journals?

Our journals transcend mere paper and ink; they serve as bridges of connection, chronicles of life’s myriad hues, and repositories of collective wisdom. We vouch for the profundity of handwritten sentiments, the enchantment of intertwined stories, and the timeless essence of personal musings.

In a world dominated by the ephemeral nature of the digital, our journals emerge as enduring testimonials to life's myriad experiences, making them ideal gifts, treasures, or personal repositories.

Join Us in Celebrating Life

Life is punctuated by moments that sculpt us, direct our courses, or test our mettle. With Write of Passage Journals, you journey through these epochs with a community. Let's celebrate, introspect, and find solace together.

Embrace life’s varied chapters with us. Weave your story, offer your wisdom, and be an integral part of the Write of Passage narrative.