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Write of Passage Journals

Grief & Goodbye

Grief & Goodbye

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The Write of Passage Journal: Crafted from Compassion. Anchored in Love.

Grief is a journey, often lonely and undefined. Every individual enduring loss deserves a beacon of support – an amalgamation of wisdom, advice, and shared experiences to light their way.

Introducing the Grief & Goodbye Write of Passage Journal, an exceptional and touching means to compile the collective solace and insights of those around you, offering warmth and guidance to anyone grappling with the pain of loss.

Our Origin Story

Having faced the profound grief of losing my own brother, the palpable pain and isolation was heart-wrenching. For others who have gone through this, I wanted to create a unique gesture that could envelop those left behind in comfort, letting them know they weren't alone. My inspiration was sudden: what if a journal existed, containing not just condolences but real advice, wisdom, and support from those who wanted to play some small role in easing the pain or loss? Thus, the Grief & Goodbye Write of Passage Journal was born, binding together comforting words and wisdom from loved ones desperate to support their family member or friend in their time of grief. 

How it Works

  1. Choose your Circle: As the facilitator, select a group of empathetic individuals who can offer genuine advice, comfort, and perhaps shared experiences of overcoming grief.

  2. Share and Circulate: Entrusting them with the journal, each participant writes – it might be guidance from their own experiences, a comforting poem, perhaps a cherished memory, or just heartfelt words of empathy and encouragement.

  3. A Mosaic of Support: The journal transitions from one writer to the next (sometimes by mail, sometimes by hand), crafting a mosaic of wisdom, care, and healing insights.

  4. The Final Embrace: When filled, the journal returns to you, now a reservoir of warmth and understanding, ready to be gifted to the bereaved – a testament that they are embraced in their grief by a larger community of support.

Why the Grief & Goodbye Journal?

  • Personalized: Each journal becomes a deeply personal tapestry of support, uniquely tailored for the recipient.

  • Timeless: While digital messages can be deleted and lost, hand-penned heartfelt words in these pages remain a perennial source of solace.

  • Versatile: Apt for moments after funerals, anniversaries of the loss, or any time one feels the weight of their grief intensely.

  • Connected: In spite of distance or time, this journal converges the collective strength and care of many into a singular embrace.

A Beacon of Support for Trying Times

  • After Funerals: When the world resumes, but the heart still grieves.

  • Grief Anniversaries: Marking the passage of time without forgetting.

  • Moments of Reflection: Any time solace is sought in words and wisdom.

  • Special Holidays: Especially when the absence feels more pronounced.

On the winding path of grief, there’s a deep need for direction, understanding, and shared strength. The Grief & Goodbye Write of Passage Journal isn’t merely a book, but a gathered embrace of many, guiding the bereaved forward. Because in the face of loss, one of the most powerful healers is the collective warmth and wisdom of those around us.

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